Gerresheimer Presents Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions at CPhI Worldwide

Oct 18, 2017
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

Gerresheimer is showcasing its range of Duma Pocket containers at booth 4.2D02 at CPhI Worldwide in Frankfurt, Germany. The Duma Pocket containers are available in different sizes and colors and come with various closures. Gerresheimer is expanding its range of this tried-and-tested packaging with the addition of the 40-mL Duma CR box and the 100-mL Duma Pocket CR 100 for large filling volumes.

  • The 40-mL Duma Pocket CR Box has a child-resistant closure, which can be opened by applying moderate pressure to the sides of the box with one hand while opening the top with the other—a task that adults can easily manage but not children.
  • The Duma Pocket CR 100 can hold up to 100 mL. It has an ergonomic design, a simple dispensing system, a child-resistant closure, and mounted desiccants stored in its base.

Consumer information and brand designs can be placed on the sides of all Duma Pockets, while the top area can be labeled individually according to customers’ preferences. The Duma Pocket containers can be produced in any color and can even be made translucent or transparent. They are injection-moulded under clean room conditions.

The Duma Pocket containers can be filled at high speed, packed without taking up much room, and stored with ease. Besides the two new Duma Pocket designs, Gerresheimer has an existing Duma Pocket in 30-mL and 50-mL sizes with a tamper evident function. All three designs can be extended to different sizes using the same base.

Source: Gerresheimer, Booth 4.2 D02

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