Glatt and Innopharma Labs Partner on Real-Time In-Line Particle Characterization for Batch and Continuous Production

Jul 11, 2014
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

Glatt and Innopharma Labs have formed a partnership to provide Glatt’s customers access to Innopharma Labs’ non-invasive, real-time 3D particle characterizer, Eyecon, which has the ability to generate live particle size and shape information.

Developed specifically for pharmaceutical processes, the particle characterizer increases process understanding, and subsequently control, in formulation development, scale up, tech transfers, and process optimization in commercial manufacturing of both batch and continuous processes, leading to a reduction of lead times.  

Eyecon is a self-contained portable image capture and analysis sensor that can be mounted to inspection ports of Glatt equipment for in-line, real-time, non-product contact monitoring of particle morphology and size to aid in reducing batch losses and cycle time, improving yields and gain greater control of process end points during granulation, coating, spheronization and continuous fluid bed drying. The imaging analysis collects relevant data for formulation development. Being captured in real-time data helps to gain maximal transparency in the production process for complete documentation.

Eyecon may also be used for static bench-top sample analysis. It can also support process analytical technology and continuous manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

Source: PR Newswire

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