HS-20 headspace sampler for GC and GCMS

Jan 29, 2013
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

Environmental and pharmaceutical application, forensics, material and food production analyses – Shimadzu’s new HS-20 headspace sampler serves GC and GCMS applications particu-larly in testing and inspection organizations. The HS-20 covers accurate analysis of an even wider range of volatile compounds with boiling points ranging from low to high. The HS-20 heats liquid or solid samples sealed in a container to a specific temperature, and injects the volatile com-pounds diffusing into the gaseous phase into a GC or a GCMS.

Key features:

  • Minimum carryover for highly reliable analysis
    In order to increase the reliability of data in continuous analysis of headspaces, carryover needs to be minimized, even in the flow lines. The special deactivated sample flow lines and unique flow line structure of the HS-20 reduces sample adsorption to achieve an extremely low carryover of 0.0001 % or less even for highly adsorptive acetic acid.
  • Efficient analysis of high boiling point compounds
    The HS-20 oven can be set to a maximum of 300 °C to enable analysis of high boiling point compounds difficult to detect with conventional headspace samplers. At just 30 cm, the HS-20 provides the shortest transfer line in its class between headspace and GC which enables efficient injections to the GC column to achieve high sensitivity analysis.
  • Increased sensitivity using the electronically cooled trap
    The HS-20 trap model concentrates the headspace gas for high sensitivity analysis of vola-tile compounds generated from the sample. Also, by cooling the trap unit to -20 °C low boiling point components can be concentrated efficiently in the trap. For example, com-ponents with a wide range of boiling points, such as odor components, can be analyzed with high sensitivity.

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