Influence of Gut Microbiota on Drug Metabolism

Apr 08, 2014
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

Influence of Gut Microbiota on Drug Metabolism

Drug metabolism is a central area of research for effective drug design and therapy. What has been well explored is the metabolism of drugs after they enter the body following oral absorption. The main organ for systemic metabolism of drugs is the liver which metabolizes drugs into more hydrophilic metabolites to be excreted mainly with the urine. Other drugs and their metabolites may be excreted with the feces or via other pathways.

However, what has just recently gained interest is the presystemic metabolism of drugs by bacteria in the intestinal tract. Since nearly 85% of all drugs on the market are given via the oral route, consideration of what happens to the drug after it is released from its dosage form is an important part of providing patients with the best possible therapy depending on their condition and health status.

This podcast will explore the various influences that the gut microbiome may have on the metabolism of drugs. This in turn may influence the way drugs are designed and formulated to achieve the best therapeutic outcome for patients.

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