Isolator and Filling Machine for Vials

Sep 02, 2018
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Volume 42, Issue 9, pg 14

groninger and SKAN have collaborated to develop Integra, a production line concept that integrates both an isolator and filling machine for vials with a large capacity range.

The product was developed with a focus on processing toxic products. Features include shorter decontamination cycles and simplified cleaning. The integration of the filling machine into the isolator and the integration of the SKANFOG decontamination system allows the line to be cleaned and decontaminated in approximately 30 minutes with accessibility for operating personnel, according to groninger. Increased security and support for format changes enabled by the use of quick response codes gives operators a better overview of position, installation order, and recipe selection.

Different line configurations are available with either standardized open restricted access barrier systems or isolator modules and are capable of a maximum production output of 400 vials per minute, groninger reports.


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