Jobs and Innovation

Nov 01, 2011
Volume 23, Issue 11

Rich Whitworth
The middle word in our magazine's title is technology, so I cannot fail to join the increasing numbers of people in all fields of business commenting on the passing of Steve Jobs. I, like many, many others, discovered the news on one of the devices he was so proud of. Personally, I was surprised at how moved I was by the flood of tributes paid to Steve Jobs in the days following his death. I think it was the true scope of how many people all over the world have been affected by the decisions he made. The innovation and ability to pre-empt people's future needs shown by Steve Jobs and his team at Apple have changed even the way we do business; a real inspiration.

Ever since the iPad was launched, there have been news stories about pharma companies investing in iPads for its sales force, or for scientists to use in its laboratories. And certainly Pharmaceutical Technology Europe will be making use of the new media at our disposal in the coming months. But perhaps the pharma industry would do well to look at Apple's business model and game-changing strategies to make more significant changes.

You would think working for Apple and job satisfaction go hand in hand... This month, is running its annual employment survey, which gives you a chance to let us know what's happening in your sector and how you feel about it. We will be publishing the results in our December issue as well as online, but this can only happen if you take part! So, please go to where you will be led through questions ranging from the affect of the current economic climate to the reasons you want to leave, or stay at, your current job. There is also a store gift card (not Apple!) up for grabs, if you need even more convincing.

Best wishes,
Rich Whitworth

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