LCMS-8080 triple quadrupole for LC/MS/MS analysis of complex matrices

Dec 14, 2012
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

LCMS-8080 triple quadrupole for LC/MS/MS analysis of complex matrices

Shimadzu has introduced the LCMS-8080 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer which provides outstanding sensitivity with a large dynamic range and quantitation performance. The special design generates higher ion efficiency with further reduction of background noise, making the LCMS-8080 the preferred instrument for applications needing the highest level of sensitivity for analysis of complex matrices.

The system completes Shimadzu’s LCMS triple quadrupole family (LCMS-8030 and -8040) and enables customers to choose the best instrument solution for their demands with the smallest footprint on the market. Combined with the reliable and well-established Shimadzu HPLC / UFLC front end systems already known as the fastest systems with lowest carry-over market-wide, it is the perfect solution.

The excellent sensitivity is based on technologies such as Coaxial Hot gas providing efficient ionization, while HSID (Hot Source Induced Desolvation) removes neutral contaminants and ensures reliable introduction of the ions into the mass spectrometer. The Laminar Flow technology conveys large quantities of ions to the detector with high transmission efficiency at high speeds.

Detection limits are in the low femtogram range. The LCMS-8080’s sensitivity range is wider with higher accuracy quantitation than ever before achieved.

The LCMS triple quadrupole family is controlled by the well-known innovative and easy-to-use LabSolutions software. It provides seamless operation and a stress-free analysis environment. The refined Quantitation Browser which processes multiple analytes is a powerful function for quantitative analysis. The Data Browser enables users to analyze and compare multiple sets of data in the same window.

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