Low Feed Rate Feeder Designed for Pharmaceutical Processes

Dec 02, 2013
Volume 37, Issue 12
The PureFeed DP-4 is a gravimetric feeder that can meter dry pharmaceutical powders at feed rates as low as 20 grams/hour. Jet milling, continuous blending, packaging, coating, and ingredient weighing are applications suited for the DP-4.  A feature of the PureFeed DP-4 is a speed controlled, inert ceramic feed disc. Positioned at the base of a cylindrical, electropolished stainless steel material storage chamber, the disc rotates to discharge tiny amounts of material, continuously and pulsation free over a 20- to 2000-gram feed rate range. All connecting pieces are secured using sanitary quick release clamps and the inlet and discharge of the DP-4 feeder can be sealed to ensure containment during transportation.

Schenck AccuRate
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