March 2013 Editor's Picks: Products from Weiler Engineering and Pharma Technology Inc. (PTI)

Mar 20, 2013
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
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Weiler Engineering
All-electric, blow–fill–seal machine reduces particulate generation

The all-electric model of the Asep-Tech Model 628 blow–fill–seal machine from Weiler Engineering reduces particulate generation compared to the non-electric model, which is beneficial for parenteral applications. The Model 628 has the flexibility to produce sterile, liquid-filled, tamper-evident containers ranging in size from 0.5 mL up to 500 mL, in full-scale production quantities. A two-piece, stepped-base design allows easy maintenance and convenient product discharge. An integral product buffer tank is designed to meet tight fill tolerances. Additional models are available to fulfill higher output and/or larger container size requirements.

Pharma Technology Inc. (PTI)
System combines tablet deduster, metal detector, and tablet tester on one base

The AIO All-In-One Tablet Deduster and Tester System from Pharma Technology Inc. (PTI) includes PTI’s PharmaFlex segmented deduster spiral, a metal detector, and an in-process tablet tester on one machine base. The tablet tester measures weight, hardness, and thickness at regular intervals and feeds data back to the press where it is recorded and can be used to adjust the process. The tester can be positioned on any of the three sides of the deduster’s base and offers cable-free connections for power and data storage.
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