May 2013 Editor's Picks: Products from Romaco and L.B. Bohle

May 15, 2013
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
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Filling machines are designed for bottling pharmaceutical liquids

Romaco extended its Macofar LF 200 product family with two models, Macofar LF 200 FD and LF 200 FS, designed for bottling pharmaceutical liquids. The LF 200 FD is used for high-speed filling of pharmaceutical sprays, nose and ear drops, ophthalmics, and syrups. The machine is equipped with two closing stations and is capable of handling a wide range of closure types including pipettes, droppers, dosing cups, spray pumps, plugs, plungers, and screw caps. The Macofar LF 200 FS is designed for applications with a single-closure system such as pump, childproof, screw, or press-on caps. It is particularly suited for processing pharmaceutical liquids that are orally administered or applied to mucous membranes. Both machines have a maximum output of 12,000 bottles per hour.

L.B. Bohle
High-efficiency dry granulator enables high-production capacity

L.B. Bohle’s BRC 100 dry granulator, now available to US markets, enables high-production capacity and minimizes material loss. An electromechanical spindle drive for the two rollers allows fast and precise control of compaction force. The BTS 200 conical Bohle Turbo Sieve eliminates what was previously a bottleneck in the process for higher throughputs. The conical sieve allows gentle particle-size reduction at low sieve speeds and is also applicable for high material throughputs. A variety of different sieve types make the BRC 100 flexible for different product and ribbon properties over a wide production range (up to 400 kg/hr, depending on the product).
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