MG2 Checkweigher Operates at High Speeds

Jul 09, 2014
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

The MG2 Selekta is a high-speed checkweigher and sorting machine for tablet production. Selekta offers flexibility in the product shapes and sizes it can handle.  Depending on the product, Selekta can check up to 500,000 units per hour and is designed for integration with continuous-processing tableting equipment. Selekta incorporates MG2's Multi-NETT weight-control system that can monitor and control net weight in low-dose applications (5–25mg). The machine selects conforming and nonconforming units through a fail-safe system employing a set of sensors located at critical points throughout the testing process. The unit can be directly connected downstream from primary production equipment, upstream of blister lines, or used as a standalone unit with automatic or manual load. Two special versions of Selekta are available for integration into packaging lines where tablets are placed into bottles: Selekta/CW performs product counting as well as weighing, and Selekta/C's sole function is counting.

Source: MG2

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