Nemera Receives Drug Manufacturing Authorization for its Autoinjector Facility

Sep 28, 2017
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

Nemera received a Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturing Authorization from the German Government Drug Administration according to the German Drug and Medicinal Product Law for its Neuenburg manufacturing facility in Germany on Sept. 4, the company announced in a Sept. 27, 2017 press release. The certification gives the manufacturing plant the approval to handle, assemble, sterilize, and store pharmaceutical drugs and medicinal products for autoinjectors.

This approval confirms that Nemera meets the highest standards required to ensure the manufacturing and testing of the above-mentioned drug, as well as medicinal and medical products. The pharmaceutical drug manufacturing certification is a required regulatory step to allow Nemera to provide a complete set of services and additional support for the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical combination products and drug delivery devices.

Nemera currently markets devices in more than 40 countries and operates four facilities in Europe and the United States. Nemera’s services and products include several delivery routes: parenteral (autoinjectors, pens, safety devices, and implanters), ophthalmic (multidose, preservative-free eyedroppers), nasal, buccal, auricular (pumps, valves and actuators for sprays), inhalation (pressurized metered dose inhalers and dry powder inhalers), dermal, and transdermal (airless and atmospheric dispensers).

Source: Nemera

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