October 2012 Editor's Picks: Products from UFP Technologies and Mettler Toledo

Oct 17, 2012
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Featured products from Pharmaceutical Technology's monthly newsletter, Equipment & Processing Report

UFP Technologies
High-purity, compact foam insulation saves space in cleanrooms

UFP Technologies’ T-Tubes uses a polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) foam in a tube and pipe insulation system specifically developed for process lines and equipment in cleanroom environments. The closed-cell foam takes up significantly less space than traditional insulation materials. The quarter-inch thick PVDF foam is equivalent to two-inch thick open-celled polyethylene foam and takes up one-tenth the space of traditional fiberglass insulation. Because cleanrooms can use thousands of feet of pipeline, thinner insulation translates to reduced cleanroom size requirements and easier access to reactors and plumbing, reports the company. The T-Tubes system includes custom-molded coverings for fittings and an overlapping, self-adhering tape for sealing. Improved seals reduce the possibility of condensate, which can saturate conventional foam insulation, thus creating leaks and enabling biological contamination. While open-celled foam can shed particulate when cut or from contact with maintenance or operating personnel, the closed-cell PVDF foam does not shed particulates. The PVDF foam is inherently flame retardant and does not smoke or burn.

Mettler Toledo
Entry-level benchtop meters measure pH and conductivity

Mettler Toledo’s FiveEasy Plus line of entry-level benchtop meters offers simple operation and economic solutions. The FiveEasy Plus pH FEP20 is suitable for a wide range of pH measurement applications. It stores up to 99 data points and has an interface for data output. The FiveEasy Plus pH Sensor LE408 is a robust, plastic sensor with refillable, liquid electrolyte. The FiveEasy Plus Conductivity FEP30 has a compact, ergonomic design and measures conductivity, total dissolved solids, and salinity.
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