OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Receives Patent on MAbTrap Antibody Technology

Oct 14, 2013

OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, a clinical-stage company developing therapeutics that target cancer stem cells, has been granted its first US patent on its MAbTrap antibody display technology. OncoMed's MAbTrap technology enables the identification of monoclonal antibodies that bind a particular target or set of targets, and bind such target or targets with high affinity and specificity. OncoMed has used the patented technology to identify and/or optimize antibodies, including proprietary bispecific antibodies, and demonstrated the activity of these antibodies in preclinical studies.

The new patent, US Patent No. 8,551,715, relates to methods of producing libraries of cells that express membrane-bound antibodies or other specific binding agents on their surface, and methods of identifying the cells in such libraries that express an antibody or other agent having the desired binding characteristics. The patented methods include mammalian cell display methods. Related patent applications are currently pending in the United States, Europe, Japan, and China. The new patent and related applications are all solely owned byOncoMed.

Source: OncoMed Pharmaceuticals

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