OptiDose Technology

Jun 02, 2014
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

OptiDose Technology

Catalent’s OSDrC® OptiDose™ enables design of dividable, multi-layer, single or multi-core tablets with a practically endless variety of core numbers, shapes, sizes, and placement. The flexible-core capability provides new alternatives in controlled release designs for drug formulators, developers, and marketers in a high quality, one step manufacturing processes.  This expands tableting capabilities in many areas that differentiate beyond existing technologies.

OptiDose technology provides the flexibility to design single or multiple API in a single tablet, with different release profiles.  In addition to shown improvement in mass variability between layers, OptiDose also offers tablet design to minimize cross-layer interaction of API and improved product stability.

One of the more recognized approaches for developing high quality controlled release formulations, Wurster fluid bed technology is a bottom-spray approach, where a coating medium is sprayed onto the particle. Compared to alternative technologies, it produces a more consistent coating for powders, granules, pellets, and micro-tablets, with higher quality controlled release product due to more predictable residence time within the coating zone.

Catalent recently invested in major capacity expansions at its Schorndorf, Germany; Somerset, NJ; and Winchester, KY, facilities to increase fluid bed capacity and capabilities to meet growing customer demand.

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