Oven Autosampler for Automated KF Titration

Dec 02, 2017
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Volume 41, Issue 12, pg 10

The InMotion Karl Fischer (KF) Oven Autosampler from Mettler Toledo is suited for KF titration and comes in two models: InMotion Flex and InMotion Pro. Features include a vial with a one-piece screw cap for sample preparation safety, an automatic gas flow meter for gas flow control, and a temperature scan function that can determine a substance’s ideal heating temperature in one run containing up to 120 samples without stopping, according to the company.

The instrument allows up to 26 samples to be analyzed on a 25-centimeter platform. The Pro model offers three platforms and vial size, with customizable sizes available. The procedure calibrates both the oven temperature and the gas flow rate to the titration cell, complying with current Official Medicines Control Laboratory (OMCL) guidelines (Qualification of Automatic Titrators, 2016). Details are documented with certificates, and the company provides service and support throughout the product’s entire lifecycle. Additionally, both models connect to the latest versions of the company’s Volumetric (V30S) and Coulometric (C30S) KF Titrators, as well as to the modular T7 and T9 Excellence Titrators.

Mettler Toledo

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