Pharmaceutical Technology's 2005 Manufacturing Rankings

Jul 02, 2006
Volume 30, Issue 7

Table I: The TOP 50, by Revenue
For its first snapshot of US pharmaceutical manufacturing activity, Pharmaceutical Technology reviewed five sources of information: our sister publication Pharmaceutical Executive's annual ranking of sales revenue and research and development (R&D) investment (see Table I); prescription (Rx) volumes (see Table II) tabulated by IMS Health (Fairfield, CT, http://www.imshealth.com/); the US Food and Drug Administration's database of approved drugs (see Tables III–V); company statements on manufacturing facility investments and rationalizations; and long-term capital investment plans tracked by Industrial Info Resources (Sugar Land, TX, http://www.industrialinfo.com/).

Product portfolios

[email protected] is FDA's database of prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) human drugs currently approved for sale in the United States (1). The database does not include vaccines or OTC drugs that were not approved through a new drug application (NDA).

Table II: Top corporations by total US-dispensed prescriptions, 2005
Of the 21,502 products listed in [email protected] (accessed on May 30, 2006), 12,708 are currently active. Of these, 93% (11,807) are approved for prescription use, 400 are listed for OTC sale, and the remaining 501 have "tentative approval."

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