Pipette Tip for Highly Viscous Liquids

May 02, 2018
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Volume 42, Issue 5

Eppendorf’s ViscoTip pipette tip from its Combitips advanced line can process liquids with viscosities from 200 to 14,000 mPa-s, including glycerol 99.5%, ointments, and creams.

The tip reduces operating forces while handling liquids, leading to enhanced ergonomics, increased working speed, and longer charge lifetime of the repeater battery, according to the company. Product features include the capability to dispense volumes from 100 µL to 10 mL in increments of 10 µL, a Central Combitip ejector that can be easily ejected with one hand when fully emptied, a design that reportedly allows for significantly lower operation forces, a distinguishing, color-coded double ring and continuous volume scale, automatic tip recognition, and volume calculation in the company’s Repeater M4 and E3x electronic dispensers. The tip also is free of leachables such as slip agents, biocides, plasticisers.

Applications include positive displacement principle comparable to a syringe. The ViscoTip can repeatedly dispense identical volumes when used with the company’s Repeater hand dispensers.


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