PSL Glass Filter Dryer

Sep 26, 2013
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

PSL Glass Filter Dryer

The GFD® is changing the filtration and drying process in laboratories worldwide. In 2010, the GFD technology was launched combining filtration, cake washing and drying all in one glass vessel.

Working as a miniature agitated nustche filter dryer, this technology allows laboratory development simulating the manufacturing process at a small scale. When the filtration and drying process is validated during R&D, direct scale up is possible first through the three different sizes of GFD then with industrial metallic vessel during pilot plant and commercial production.

In little more than the 3 years since launch over many companies have already adopted this technology worldwide. Applications range from API filtration, peptides washing and drying, simulation for future industrial application, filtration and drying of different deposits sensitive to air or moisture, and most recently microsphere filtration.

Microspheres are small spherical particles, having a required size range. These particles can be manufactured from various natural and synthetic materials such as polymer microspheres. Suspended microspheres obtained from various micro encapsulation processes require being washed, collected by filtration then dried under appropriate conditions to give the final free flowing injectable product. After the process development phase performed with a GFD, direct scale-up is available with PSL Microsphere Refiner product range.

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