Risk Management's Impact on QMS

Jan 02, 2014
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

Risk Management's Impact on QMS

Risk Management is everywhere, and is not some lofty strategic element that is limited to top floor suits making enterprise-wide decisions. Risk is just another tool in the quiver of the compliance process; it is a method for streamlining your business, like any other compliance process.

Risk Management is becoming an integral part of the compliance process. Like anything else, Risk Management is simply a process. It’s a means of looking at potential hazards, assigning a weight to those hazards, and taking steps to control those hazards. There are many ways to look at Risk, and each industry has developed different risk based tools to suit their specific business needs. Get a glimpse at how compliance industries are utilizing risk as a core benchmarking metric for decision-making in the enterprise. Download White Paper Now.

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