Sanofi to Cut 900 Jobs

Sep 27, 2012

Sanofi is planning to shed approximately 900 jobs in France in the lead up to 2015 as it seeks to implement certain key strategic objectives.

In a press statement, Sanofi explained that reduction measures could involve early retirements, mobility proposals and repositioning within France. No relocation of sites or any changes to the number of industrial sites is planned in France; however, the company also added that the function of its Toulouse site “remains to be specified”. Over the summer, the company identified potential stakeholders who could maintain the site’s scientific or technological capacity and a working group will be established shortly to explore all available options. The company hopes to have a firm solution for the site within the coming months.

The workforce reduction is being undertaken to achieve three strategic objectives that the company first revealed at the beginning of July 2012. Sanofi is seeking to improve the momentum and success of research activities; improve the economic performance of Sanofi Pasteur’s industrial units; and streamline support functions.

In the led up to 2015, Sanofi intends for its R&D activities in France to evolve to strengthen the company’s scientific, academic and private network. Plans include progressively adapting the Montpellier site into a strategic centre focused on development, and increasing research activities in Vitry/Alfortville and Chilly-Mazarin/Longjumeau. In addition, Sanofi intends to create a global center of excellence in infectious diseases in Lyon.

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