Sharing Great Innovations at CPhI

Sep 27, 2012
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

CPhI has been honouring and celebrating pharmaceutical innovation through its Innovation Awards for nine years. For 2012, the organisers are rebranding the awards as the CPhI Pharma Awards.

The ceremony will be held on 9 October at 17.30pm at the North Entrance of the Feria de Madrid exhibition center.

This year, there are three categories:

  • Best Innovation. This classic category honours efforts in pharmaceutical R&D to create innovative, commercially scalable technologies.
  • Best Sustainable Stand Design. Stands have a huge impact on the sustainability of the events industry. This category will acknowledge exhibitors that incorporate sustainability into their stand designs with the aim of reducing the impact on the environment and communities.
  • Best Sustainable Packaging. This category is new for 2012 and will recognise exhibitors that offer a specific material, machine or supply that allows pharmaceutical companies to achieve more sustainable packages or processes.

Last year in Frankfurt, the gold award went to Glycotope for its GlycoExpress platform, which optimises the glycosylation of antibodies and other glycosylated biotherapeutics. The technology is based on an entire set of human glycoengineered cell lines that express proteins exhibiting different glycosylation patterns. The pattern that provides optimal product characteristics is then identified using bioassays.

Acuros won the silver award with its innovative disposable drug delivery device, which continuously delivers small volumes of parenterals, and the bronze award went to Johnson Matthey Catalysts for their Colour-Tag-Protein technology that works as a marker for protein expression.

What innovations will we see at this year’s awards ceremony? You can take a look at this year's finalists here.

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