Oct 01, 2013
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors


An industry leader since 1933, Catalent develops and manufactures over 80% of the world's Rx softgel products with 200+ products on the market in 80+ countries supplied by 11 global sites. Catalent is the world leader of softgel drug delivery technologies, the proven solution to deliver more products and better treatments by reliably solving complex bioavailability, solubility, and formulation challenges.

As the originator of the RP Scherer softgel rotary die process, coupled with over 75 years of global manufacturing expertise, Catalent manufactures softgel products across its network of facilities on 5 continents. Catalent demonstrates its softgel expertise in the following therapeutic areas: Omega-3, Vitamin-D analogs, retinoids, antivirals, and hormones. Catalent has unrivalled breadth and depth of expertise in softgel technologies to solve the toughest drug delivery challenges.

Catalent’s new, breakthrough technologies- OptiShell™ for complex fill formulations, OptiGel Bio™ for macromolecules and OptiGel Lock™ for abuse deterrence- can put even more molecules on a faster path to commercialization. Catalent’s broader range of challenging molecules, combined with deep development expertise, advanced delivery technologies and integrated supply solutions enable better outcomes for a broader range of challenging molecules.

Catalent Pharma Solutions
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