In the Spotlight August 2007

Aug 02, 2007
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Volume 31, Issue 8

Unit improves UV-vis measurements

Solo-VPE device (C Technologies)
The "Solo-VPE" device from C Technologies (Bridgewater, NJ) improves UV–vis measurements by matching the length of the light path to the sample. The unit's software lets users establish thresholds, and the machine adjusts the pathlength and wavelength accordingly. Mark Salerno, director of manufacturing at C Technologies, says the device "... works for you until it finds the measurement range you want it to be in." He adds that the unit expands the operational range of UV–vis instruments. It facilitates measurements from roughly 50 μm to more than 10 mm. Measurements can be adjusted in 10-μm increments.

In addition, the part of the device in contact with the solution is disposable, thereby eliminating the risk of carryover and contamination in the measurements. The disposable contact part also reduces turnaround time between measurements and enhances sample-volume control. After the unit has been programmed, it does not require operator oversight.

System enables rapid, continuous inspection

Optyx SG/P optical inspection system (Symetix)
Symetix's "Optyx SG/P" optical inspection system for solid-dosage forms checks 300,000–900,000 doses/h, depending on the capsule size range. Jon Donovan, the company's product manager, says the machine's capacity is "almost an order of magnitude larger" than that of comparable systems. This high speed and simplified changeover permit the system to be part of a continuous inspection line.

The device performs accurate color, size, and shape analysis and checks for both defective and foreign capsules. It has a "particular strength for softgel doses," according to Donovan. The machine's product imaging presents products randomly on a conveyor belt, thereby enabling the inspection of many different doses with few change parts. When foreign capsules are detected, the system creates an alarm, stops product flow, and preserves an image of the foreign capsule. The machine removes defects and foreign capsules with a pneumatic-ejection mechanism. An additional set of cameras confirms that ejections are performed.

Machine quickly prepares samples

Tablet-Pro system (Astech Projects)
The "Tablet-Pro" system from Astech Projects (Runcorn, UK) prepares tablets for dose-content uniformity testing. The machine dissolves tablets and provides output in vials or through direct injection into a high-performance liquid chromatography system. The user feeds the system with tablets, and the machine dispenses as many as are required for each test.

The system's flow cell features a sonicator within a cooling jacket. When a partially dissolved tablet mixture passes through the pipe, the sonicator quickly completes the dissolution without adding heat to the solution. This heat protection prevents drug degradation and formulation changes.

Unlike other sample-preparation systems, the Tablet-Pro unit dispenses 98% of the solvent by volume, and the rest by weight. Dispensing by volume facilitates fast and accurate solvent measurement.

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