In the Spotlight December 2007

Editors' Picks of Pharmaceutical Science & Technology Innovations
Dec 02, 2007
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Volume 31, Issue 12

Centrifuge processes many materials

F-Series inverting filter centrifuge (Heinkel)
The "F-Series" inverting filter centrifuge from Heinkel (Swedesboro, NJ) allows users to vary the depth of the cake it produces. This feature permits the machine to process many pharmaceutical products. According to Doug Bartus, Heinkel's vice-president, the unit is the only filter that can produce a cake as thin as 3/8 in. This width is as thick as the residual heel that other machines leave. "For difficult-to-filter products, this is the go-to machine," Bartus says.

The F-Series device rotates at speeds as high as 3300 rpm, the highest speed for an inverting filter centrifuge, according to Bartus. The fast speed creates great force, thereby enabling high production throughput and quick processing time.

In addition, the machines are smaller and have 50% fewer parts than Heinkel's previous inverting filter centrifuges. The new design reduces the units' maintenance costs and simplifies repairs.

New features for quality-management software

EtQ Reliance software (EtQ)
EtQ (Farmingdale, NY) announced a new feature for the document-control module of its "EtQ Reliance" quality-management software. Users can select multiple files to attach to a web-based form, and the platform uploads them all at once. CAD–CAM packaged documents can thus be added easily to the software's document-control module.

In addition, the system recognizes when files have been viewed or detached. Before a user enters the next step in a process, the software displays a reminder to upload documents that have been changed. This feature is designed to reduce user errors.

EtQ Reliance is a series of web-based modules that use workflow technology to automate quality-related processes. The platform includes a compliance suite for companies regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration. The software helps users monitor all aspects of the quality process, including adverse-event handling, investigations, corrective and preventive action, document control, and change management.

Unit simplifies powder discharge

T10 Pharmaceutical discharger (Spiroflow Systems)
The "T10 Pharmaceutical" bulk-bag discharger from Spiroflow Systems (Monroe, NC) can be furnished with a hoist design that allows it to unload powders without a forklift. This design makes the unit appropriate for use in clean environments. Users can deliver bulk bags to the machine on hand trucks.

The T10 unit reduces product loss in several ways. The discharger's bag-tensioning supports stretch the bag and spout to maximize product flow. The supports also prevent the spout from getting entangled in moving parts. In addition, the discharger fully supports the weight of the bulk bag. The machine seals the base of the bag to a dust-tight bag-untie cabinet. These features enhance the unit's containment. Users can modify the discharger to work with proprietary containment systems.

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