Strength in numbers

Sep 01, 2009
Volume 21, Issue 9

Fedra Pavlou
Merger, union, alliance, partnership, collaboration: five words that ultimately suggest the strengthening of something. Every company, no matter how large or small, must undertake at least one of these strategies to secure its longevity.

Indeed, no one can escape the frenzy of activity that has been taking place in the pharmaceutical industry lately. Such unions have, of course, been commonplace; however, it's been quite interesting to see pharma's response to the threats it currently faces, including, amongst others, the economic downturn, dry development pipelines and generic competition. The reaction of these already giant corporations has been to form alliances to grow an existing division, to diversify, to shed an underperforming unit, to secure a solid pipeline, and so on. Whatever the secondary reason, the primary reason has always been to secure growth, to strengthen, to improve and to survive.

At Pharmaceutical Technology Europe, we too have undertaken such a union; we have united with our US colleagues at Pharmaceutical Technology to bring our readers a tool that we believe is the best online resource for pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals. We hope that you agree with us!

Launched last month, the new http://www.pharmtech.com/ covers developments from around the world in formulation, outsourcing, drug delivery, ingredients, regulatory, testing, packaging and IT. As well as providing news and analysis, the site allows you to interact with us and your peers on Pharma Tech Talk, access archives of peer-reviewed content and features, take part in surveys and polls, search suppliers, read interviews with industry leaders, search for careers, watch webcasts, listen to podcasts, and access our significant library of white papers. I could go on, but I hope all of these are reason enough to entice you to visit our brand new website and to keep coming back!

I would welcome your comments and suggestions on the new http://www.pharmtech.com/ so please do feel free to email me with your thoughts. After all, this website is for you.

Many thanks and best wishes,

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