SyncOperations Software Helps Increase Workflow

Apr 02, 2014
Volume 38, Issue 4
Synchrono, a manufacturing software solutions company, launched SyncOperations, a software that offers manufacturers the ability to monitor and synchronize data from all equipment and processes in real time. According to the company, this will allow faster automation of workflow and the ability to track and improve performance, availability, and quality. SyncOperations serves as a real-time data historian that collects and analyzes data from both the machine level and from disparate company systems to offer production professionals, process engineers, and continuous improvement teams an improved path to actionable information. SyncOperations also integrates with SyncManufacturing, the company’s planning, scheduling, and execution system, as well as SyncKanban, an inventory replenishment software for adjustments and full synchronization of the manufacturing operation and extended supply chain.

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