Tablet Conveyor for Automated Handling of Fragile Products

Mar 03, 2017
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

piFLOW from Piab is a dedicated tablet conveyor for the automated handling of tablets and other fragile products. piFLOW is suitable for transporting up to four million tablets per hour and is primarily targeted at the pharmaceutical industry’s tablets and capsules. The conveyor will safely transfer tablets between various processing units, including tablet presses, coating drums, and blister packaging lines, avoiding risk of damage to the tablets.

At the core of piFLOW is the proprietary piGENTLE, an innovative technology (patent pending) that maintains a gentle tablet flow by regulating the feed pressure of the pump, ensuring that tablets, capsules, or other fragile products are handled as delicately as possible. piFLOW conveyors for powder and bulk materials are developed to meet the demands regarding operational safety and hygiene within the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries.

Source: Piab

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