Temperature-Controlled Shipping Service Solution

Oct 17, 2017
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Volume 12, Issue 11

Almac Group, a contract development and manufacturing organization, has expanded availability of the Almac Pod, a temperature-controlled shipping solution service for biologics and other temperature-sensitive products, to the United States as part of the company’s end-to-end, global supply chain management solution. Originally released in Europe, the service is compliant with good distribution practices, and comes in three models: protected, optimized, and dynamic.

The protected model is qualified for up to 96 hours against thermal challenges by the International Safe Transit Association, and is available in -15°C to -25°C, +2°C to +8°C, and +15°C to +25°C temperature ranges. The optimized model is also qualified for up to 96 hours of protection, eliminates temperature excursions, is suited for reuse with no shippers left at the clinical site, and requires no disposal. The dynamic model features upgraded operational processing capacity and flexibility and uses a phase-change material to offer increased thermal protection. It can be immediately placed into appropriate storage at each point of packing and in-transit. For this model, Almac has the ability to perform a year-round pack out of clinical shipments. 

Almac Group

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