From Tokyo with love

Apr 01, 2011
Volume 4, Issue 23

Having spent the last five years of my life in Tokyo, I wanted to start this month's Editor's comment by offering my very deepest sympathy to all those who have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Rich Whitworth
Many of my friends are based in Tokyo where they have been more directly harmed by sensationalist overseas reporting than actual events. Nevertheless, the threat of nuclear fallout has lifted its ugly head and made its impact felt all over the world, fuelling shortages of potassium iodide and subsequent debates over whether stockpiles of emergency medicine are adequate. How well are we prepared for the unexpected?

It was heartening, though, to read that many pharma companies, both Japanese and international, responded so very quickly with support in terms of monetary aid and medical supplies. Repercussions of the earthquake will no doubt last for many years to come, and I sincerely hope that such support will continue where needed when fickle news broadcasters move onto fresh stories and the spotlight shifts from the benevolent.

If you want to read more about pharma's response to the situation in Japan, please check our blog at

In positive news, I am pleased to announce that this month's issue marks something of an evolution for Pharmaceutical Technology Europe. With a number of new regular columns, and a scientific shift in gear, we hope that PTE now offers an even more detailed insight. We now feature a story by our ingredients specialist Patricia Van Arnum, special reports from around the world, and an article showcasing interesting, surprising and sometimes comical regulatory tales from readers. If you have any stories you wish to share, of course anonymously, please send them to our senior compliance officer at
; hopefully, others may learn from your company's GMP mishaps.

As always, and perhaps even more important at this time of change, your feedback is extremely welcome, as is your continued support.

Best wishes,
Rich Whitworth, Editor

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