Triple Shaft Mixer with Discharge System

Sep 02, 2018
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Volume 42, Issue 9, pg 14

Ross, Charles & Son’s new mixing and discharging turnkey system is capable of extruding finished product into strands. The VersaMix is a triple-shaft mixer with independently driven low and high-speed agitators with a capacity range of 1–1000 gallons. The combination of low- and high-shear mixing in the VersaMix makes it suitable for a range of viscosities up to around one million centipoise.

The VMC-1 mixer model and DS-1 discharge system model are mounted on a shared bench and supplied with two vessels—one for mixing and one for extrusion. An air/oil hydraulic lift raises and lowers the mixing vessel to and from the operating position. At the end of the batching procedure while the mixing vessel is in the raised position, finished product is transferred into the extrusion vessel positioned below the mix vessel.  The extrusion can is then rolled over to the discharge system where product is pushed out by a platen through a perforated die plate, forming strands in the desired profile.

The mixer features a product charging tube for introducing minor ingredients sub-surface near the high-speed blades. There are two high-speed shafts, each supplied with two saw-tooth type blades, doubling this model’s standard shear input, according to the company. Other mixer customizations include all stainless-steel construction, jacketed vessels, integrated vacuum pump, explosion-proof motors, and touchscreen controls.

Ross, Charles & Son

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