A Guide to Importing and Exporting: Why Your Biological Samples Held Up in Customs

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Thu, Sep 29, 2022 11:00 AM EDT Are your biological samples held up in customs? Understand how to import and export biological samples with efficiency in this webcast.

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Event Overview:
Importing and exporting biological samples to and from a US bioanalytical lab requires the US government’s oversight to prevent the transportation of exotic diseases and the supplying of illegal markets. Pharma companies and bioanalytical partners must proactively work together to secure the correct import or export licenses or permits prior to shipment to ensure international samples arrive intact and on time. In this webcast, learn more about how the process is navigated to help you successfully plan your study’s timeline and avoid compromising your samples in transit.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what US government agencies are involved in licensing/permitting the import and export of biological samples
  • Determine which licenses/permits are required for which categories of biological materials
  • Understand license/permit application requirements and approval lead times

Mark Vann
Operations Support Manager
Pyxant Labs

Mark Vann joined Pyxant Labs Colorado in 2018 and serves as the operations support manager, overseeing the inventory management of samples and compounds, international logistics, procurement, and special projects. Mark has worked with a variety of biotech and pharma companies to successfully import and export their biological samples.

Register free: https://www.pharmtech.com/pt/held