Antibody Products in the Marketplace – Past, Present and Future Growth Drivers

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Wednesday October 27th, 2021 at 10am EDT | 7am PDT | 3pm BST | 4pm CEST Antibody products have evolved to be the cornerstone of the biopharmaceutical market and are a driving force in the pharmaceutical landscape. A variety of tools and technologies have contributed to the success and unrivaled growth of antibody products, learn how current and novel technologies may impact antibody product growth in the coming decades.

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Event Overview:

Since the approval of the first biopharmaceutical in 1982, recombinant biopharmaceuticals have progressively become an important sector of the general pharmaceutical industry. Antibody products have played a key role in the recombinant sector and have evolved to be the largest percentage of marketed biopharmaceuticals, yielding the largest proportion of sales and constitute the vast majority of the developing pipeline. Reviewing how technologies have facilitated the growth of antibody products, a parallel view of technology implementation and antibody product growth will describe how antibodies developed so quickly into the dominant product group today and how new technologies may further influence these biopharmaceuticals.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • With a focus on antibody products, this webinar provides insights into the current antibody product market and pipeline and the technologies responsible for facilitating the extensive growth of these products.
  • Understand the role of antibody products in the global pharmaceutical market
  • Learn how antibody types, expression systems and targets have evolved
  • Discover the past, current, and future technology drivers contributing to the phenomenal growth of antibody products


Dawn M. Ecker, BDO, USA, LLP
Senior Consultant and Managing Director

As a Senior Consultant and the Managing Director of bioTRAK® database Services within the BioProcess Technology Group of BDO, Dawn M. Ecker specializes in the forecasting of the supply and demand of biopharmaceutical products, providing clients with the industry’s premier biopharmaceutical market related analyses. The bioTRAK® data and market related analyses provided by Ms. Ecker have supported the biopharmaceutical industry enabling organizational acquisitions, manufacturing facility expansions, and general industry investments by providing unbiased data-driven analyses to the industry’s leading contract manufacturers, suppliers, product developers and investment firms around the world.

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