API & Drug Product Manufacturing

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AMRI is your most integral element for complex, end-to-end Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and Drug Product Manufacturing solutions.























With an unrivaled commitment to quality and expertise working with complex compounds, AMRI provides the fundamental elements for the end-to-end production of custom and complex Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and complex liquid-filled and lyophilized parenteral formulations. AMRI’s expertise includes handling potent and cytotoxic compounds, biologics, peptides, steroids and DEA-scheduled controlled substances. AMRI also has the ability to support complex API research and development and to provide analytical support and support for global regulatory activities. The company’s global footprint – which also includes manufacturing in Europe and India – enables access to global markets and low-cost manufacturing of APIs or intermediates.


For Drug Product, AMRI has the diverse expertise and intensive quality assurance to minimize line and process loss of your valuable API. An end-to-end solution provides comprehensive expertise to support the pre-formulation, formulation, process development, cGMP injectable formulation development, clinical drug product development and late phase and commercial parenteral manufacturing of complex liquid-filled and lyophilized parenteral formulations. AMRI specializes in vial and pre-filled syringe manufacturing and has lyophilization capabilities for vials. AMRI has the capability to perform small batch manufacturing, but has the capacity to perform filling for larger batches to support Phase III, registration batches and commercial.


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