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Set to take place in Hannover, Germany from October 6–8, 2015, BIOTECHNICA is one the major events in Europe that brings together players in the biotechnology, life sciences, and lab technology sectors.

BIOTECHNICA, a trade show targeting the biotech sector in Europe, will take place in Hannover, Germany from October 6–8, 2015. Known as a key event in Europe for biotechnology, life sciences, and lab technology, BIOTECNICA is said to attract more than 600 exhibitors from 28 countries. It provides a meeting place for international market leaders, biotech clusters, and research institutes from all over Europe.

Spanning the entire biotech chain, from basic research to production processes and finished products, this year’s show promises to focus on topical industry trends with a range of display covering categories such as:

  • Bioprocess engineering, including bioreactors, bioprocess development, bioreactor analytics, instrumentation and control technology

  • Bioanalytics, including biosensors, liquid handling, PCR systems, diagnostics agents

  • Biotech services, including CMO, CRO, patents, financing, consultancy

  • Bioinformatics, including databases, simulation software, Big Data, software for process optimization

  • Biotech applications in therapeutics, diagnostics, biomedicine, food, agriculture, industrial biotechnology, environmental and marine biotechnology. 

Marketplaces at BIOTECHNICA 2015. The dedicated marketplaces featuring at BIOTECHNICA 2015 are Bioeconomy, Personalized Medicine Technologies, and Bio-IT.

Marketplace Bioeconomy brings together experts working in white and green biotechnology who will discuss the challenges facing the chemical, polymer, and food industries as well as ways to integrate biological resources into industrial manufacturing processes and put biomass to more efficient and sustainable use.  

Marketplace Personalized Medicine Technologies provides a platform for exhibitors and visitors to discuss the latest scientific developments in personalized medicine and address the challenges associated with the clinical application of patient-specific diagnostics and therapy.

As the biotech sector continues to generate volumes of data, improved statistical models and more efficient algorithms have become essential. Reflecting on the role of bioinformatics, driven by the trend towards increasing digitalization, Marketplace Bio-IT will focus on the processing and storage of big volumes of (genome) data and the use of biomolecules in computers, as well as data security and legal security.

Conferences. For those interested in learning from specialists and experts in the field, BIOTECHNICA has put together a conference and forum program covering topics such as medical biotechnology/personalized medicine, bioinformatics, bioeconomy, business development, lab technology, and European lab automation, to name a few. 

Networking. New at BIOTECHNICA 2015 is the partnering/matchmaking program, designed to serve as a networking catalyst. All attendees will have free access to the networking tool partnering360 from the EBD Group, which can be used to identify and schedule meetings with potential partners prior to the show.

Lab technology.LABVOLUTION is a new trade fair for lab equipment, taking place in tandem with BIOTECHNICA. It offers solutions for research and analytical labs as well as production and training labs.

Award. Since 2003, the European BIOTECHNICA Award has been presented regularly to recognize ground-breaking technologies in the biotech and life-sciences sectors. The 2015 prize will go to a European company with proven expertise and success in launching a disruptive technology. The award ceremony is scheduled to take place during the BIOTECHNICA/LABVOLUTION reception on Tuesday October 6, 2015 with approximately 500 guests from economy, science, and politics expected to attend.

Visitors can find more information about the event here.