Catalent's Low-volume Commercial Packaging

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Catalent’s global network of manufacturing and packaging facilities provide the capacity for efficient commercial supply of orphan, niche and low-volume drugs, which require agile, flexible and strategic solutions.

Due to their small batch size, infrequent or inconsistent manufacturing, and packaging of low-volume drugs, can create supply challenges, and lead to market shortages and adverse health consequences for patients who rely on their medications. This is a particular challenge for niche and orphan drugs, and is especially serious as there may be no alternative treatments available.

In these circumstances, a clinical supply provider can be a viable alternative to high-volume packagers and large-scale CDMOs. Accustomed to working with smaller quantities, a clinical supply provider with serialisation capabilities is ideally suited to support the commercial packaging and distribution of low-volume products.

Catalent’s global network of oral, biologic and cell/gene therapy facilities have the necessary packaging, serialisation, manufacturing and storage capabilities and capacity for the efficient and flexible commercial supply of orphan, niche and low-volume drugs. Catalent’s packaging experts provide agile and strategic solutions to meet the everyday needs of smaller patient populations, and are highly experienced in supply chain logistics and balancing supply with demand.