Cleanroom Pass Box Uses Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization

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De Lama’s DLVHP/DE pass-box decontamination unit uses vacuum hydrogen peroxide sterilization.

De Lama’s DLVHP/DE pass-box decontamination unit uses its DLVHP/ST vacuum hydrogen peroxide sterilizer to decontaminate objects before passing them to a cleanroom area with a higher classification. The sterilization process is repeatable and can be validated. 

Hydrogen peroxide sterilization is a low-temperature sterilization technique can be used for thermally sensitive polymer components, as an alternative to ethylene oxide gas or gamma-ray sterilization. Hydrogen peroxide sterilization is fast compared to other sterilization processes. A catalyst in the sterilizer eliminates hydrogen peroxide residues, and there is no impact on ventilation systems.

Source: De Lama