CordenPharma Completes API Process Bay

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PTSM: Pharmaceutical Technology Sourcing and Management

PTSM: Pharmaceutical Technology Sourcing and Management-11-02-2016, Volume 11, Issue 11

CordenPharma announced the completion of a new highly potent process bay for APIs at the company’s Colorado facility.

On Oct. 17, 2016, CordenPharma announced that the company has completed a recent investment to strengthen development and manufacturing capabilities for API offerings across its highly potent and oncology platform. The new API process bay, now installed in the company’s Colorado facility, is designed to handle a wide range of chemistries and unit operations with flexible and scalable components up to multi-kg batches.

This investment comes after the completion in early 2016 of a new cancer target discover and development (CTD2) facility for the development and manufacture of oral solid-dosage drug product and manufacture of highly potent and oncology compounds in its CordenPharma Plankstadt, Germany facility. The company also expanded capabilities in handling sterile oncology drug products at CordenPharma Latina, Italy.

“With the operational qualification now complete, the first cGMP campaign is scheduled to be completed in early Q4 2016,” Brian McCudden, president and managing director of CordenPharma Colorado, said in a statement. This new addition complements the existing infrastructure at CordenPharma Colorado, which is equipped to handle highly potent compounds up to OEB Level 5 spanning development to commercial-scale.


Source: CordenPharma