CTSuccess™ for Efficient Clinical Trial Supply Management

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CTSuccess™ by Catalent employs proactive clinical supply risk evaluation and tailored strategies to ensure on-time start up and efficient material supply throughout clinical studies.

Every clinical trial carries its own unique risks and presents individual challenges, and to overcome these, Catalent launched the CTSuccess™ service, which aligns sponsors’ clinical trial supply needs with the optimal project execution strategy.

CTSuccess employs proactive clinical supply risk evaluation and tailored strategies to support on-time study start-up for small and mid-sized sponsors. CTSuccess features StartScore™, Catalent’s propriety scoring model that evaluates more than 15 common objective and quantifiable study characteristics known to increase project complexity to generate a risk-based score for each project. This enables sponsors to gain advance understanding of the appropriate level of clinical supply management oversight recommended to help ensure their study starts on time and maintains momentum as it progresses.

CTSuccess is used by Catalent’s experts to provide tailored and bespoke solutions to fit the needs of each individual study and reduce the risk of clinical supply related delays and budget overruns through proactive and thoughtful planning.

Catalent’s clinical supply network includes nine cGMP clinical packaging facilities across North America, Europe and Asia, and more than 50 strategically-located depots around the world, providing local, regional, and global options for clinical packaging, storage, distribution, expiry update, and relabeling services, and clinical returns management.

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