DCAT 2023 Highlights

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Highlights from DCAT Week 2023, hosted from March 20 - March 25.

Pharmaceutical Technology editors were in attendance at DCAT Week 2023 from March 20 - March 25! Bookmark this page for highlights from various interviews conducted throughout the week.

Illuminating the State of Outsourcing with Stephen Houldsworth (DCAT 2023)

Stephen Houldsworth, VP and Head of Platform Management & Marketing at CordenPharma, dives into ongoing trends in the outsourcing space.

Discussing the Growing Role of CDMOs with Anil Kane

Anil Kane, executive director, Global Head of Technical & Scientific Affairs at Thermo Fisher Scientific, discusses the growing role of CDMOs in the biopharma industry.

Setting Sustainability Goals with Pierre Luzeau


Pierre Luzeau, CEO of Seqens, discusses Seqen's commitment to sustainability and how one can work toward it within their own company.