Discover how to optimize the Gibco Efficient-Pro system for your process

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Improve process productivity and performance with the state-of-the-art Gibco™ Efficient‑Pro™ Medium and feed system. Formulated to work in perfect harmony, the system comprises the high-performance Efficient-Pro Medium and a choice of two premium feeds—Gibco™ Efficient-Pro™ Feed 1 for CHO-K1 cells and Gibco™ Efficient-Pro™ Feed 2 for CHO-S, CHO-GS, and CHO-DG44 cells. Watch our how-to video to learn how the system can help simplify your process and elevate your monoclonal antibody (mAb) quality and titers. Utilize our specialized insights to develop your optimal Efficient‑Pro feeding protocol and maximize the benefits of choosing the Efficient-Pro™ system. Revolutionize your process with a cutting-edge media and feed system, designed to accelerate your mAb manufacturing workflow and transform your process performance.