Drug Digest: Adapting to Solid Dosage Development and Manufacturing Needs

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In this episode of Drug Digest, Pharmaceutical Technology’s European/Senior Editor, Felicity Thomas, chats about the trends shaping solid dosage drug development and manufacturing with Jan Vertommen from Lonza and Dave DiProspero from CRB Group.


In this exclusive Drug Digest video interview, Felicity Thomas, Europe/senior editor, Pharmaceutical Technology Group, interviews experts about trends shaping solid dosage drug development and manufacturing. During this episode, Felicity chats with Jan Vertommen from Lonza at CPHI Barcelona about key trends, such as advances to help overcome solubility issues and the increasing importance of sustainability, as well as the role of a CDMO in solid dosage development and manufacturing. Additionally, Dave DiProspero from CRB Group details the progression of oral solid dosage manufacturing and the transformation of continuous processes in the sector.

Interview featuring:

Jan Vertommen, Vice President, Head of Commercial Development, Small Molecules at Lonza.

Jan Vertommen currently serves as Vice President, Head of Commercial Development, Small Molecules at Lonza. Jan has more than 25 years of experience in operational and commercial roles in the pharmaceutical industry. He joined Lonza in 2003 and held operational positions in product development as Head of Product Development and as Site Leader of manufacturing sites, as well as business-oriented positions in business and commercial development. Jan received his degree of pharmacist and made his PhD thesis on pharmaceutical delivery technologies at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. He has authored several publications in scientific journals and has given numerous presentations at scientific symposia on pharmaceutical dosage form development and manufacturing.

Dave DiProspero, Senior Fellow—Director of Pharmaceutical Process Technology, CRB Group.

Dave DiProspero has 25 years of pharmaceutical engineering experience with a specialty in oral solid dose (OSD) form manufacturing operations/facilities/equipment/technology. His primary expertise is in internationally regulated, CGMP operations with a strong engineering, process, containment, equipment, material handling and facility systems integration background. Dave is experienced in site master planning, conceptual/preliminary/detailed facility design, engineering, procurement, qualification, project management and facility assessments. He is a long-term member of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering and has chaired numerous committees–many related to education. Dave is currently the chair of the Facility of the Year Committee and steering committee advisor of the OSD Community of Practice. He is the steering committee manager for the OSD Baseline Guide Volume 3 revision effort.


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