Fluoropolymer Cable Ties for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Withstand Gamma Sterilization

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Strong-Ty PVDF cable ties from Nile Polymers do not degrade under gamma sterilization, thus preventing premature failure during use.

Nile Polymers’ Strong-Ty cable ties can be used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The cable ties are manufactured and packaged in a cleanroom, and the ties meet USP Class VI requirements. 
The ties are made from Arkema’s Kynar Flex polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) polymer that uses a patented technology to make it resistant to degradation from gamma sterilization. PVDF also has high chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to direct sunlight, and resistance to accumulation of fungal growth. Because of its resistance to gamma radiation, the material has a long life and avoids the premature failures seen with cable ties made from other materials.
Source: Nile Polymers and Arkema