From Powder to Particles - Inhalation Particle Engineering With Jet Milling

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Jet milling is a well-established particle engineering technique for producing micronized powders with controlled particle size distribution and increased surface area. This makes them suitable for inhalation drug delivery. However, successful implementation of jet milling requires a robust Quality by Design (QbD) approach that ensures the critical quality attributes of the micronized particles are maintained throughout the process development. This episode will cover the principles and intricacies of the jet milling process. It will also highlight some of the challenges when micronizing for inhalation delivery, and give some possible solutions. A case study will demonstrate a reliable process development strategy using a QbD approach for micronizing nilotinib, an API with potential for the treatment of severe chronic asthma. It will highlight the significance of implementing a QbD approach, and its benefits in process development. Overall, this presentation aims to provide valuable insights into the jet milling process and QbD approach for inhalation drug delivery and their potential applications in drug development.