Gaining Critical Insights, Automation, and End-to-End Connectivity From Your Lab Data

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April 27th, 2022 at 11am EDT | 8am PDT | 3pm GMT | 10am CDT Transform Data into Scientific Discoveries. PerkinElmer’s World Class eNotebook and Scitara DLX Live Demo! Signaling the Future with True Informatics Data Mobility. Watch our live demonstration on how to achieve true data mobility!

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Event Overview:

Many pharmaceutical and biotech research and development organizations today face a dilemma with their data. Because they lack effective connections between instruments, software, and data platforms, the integrity of their data outputs and reports cannot be ensured. Not only is it difficult to access all the data from a single source, but merging different input formats means that the data cannot be combined reliably to provide a big picture view of an operation. Unfortunately, the analytics and insights derived from their data can become distorted.

When considering instruments and applications in a laboratory, establishing a common platform for data exchange across the entire enterprise can seem arduous. In addition, finding a solution that can communicate with, and enable multi-directional digital communication between all instruments and applications from any vendor, seems inconceivable. Until now.

Transform Data into Scientific Discoveries.

Learn how new integration capabilities allow you to automate manual processes and mobilize your data, empowering streamlined workflows. Gain critical insights from data analytics and accelerate informed decisions through PerkinElmer Informatics’ world class Signals Notebook and Scitara SIP work together to bring the inconceivable to reality. See this integration in action through a live demonstration that will show how to gain critical insights from data analytics and accelerate informed decisions.

About Scitara.

Scitara DLX enables laboratories, from biopharma and small molecule drug development to non-pharma chemical, food, industrial and testing, to put the full power of all their lab resources at their fingertips. Using this system, laboratories can connect the universe of lab instruments, applications, and services through a universal, secure data exchange infrastructure.

About PerkinElmer

PerkinElmer Informatics is a division of PerkinElmer, Inc. a dedicated team of about 14,000 employees worldwide is passionate about helping customers work to create healthier families, improve the quality of life, and sustain the wellbeing and longevity of people globally. PerkinElmer Informatics’ solutions include the internationally recognized flagship ChemDraw® application, Signals Research Suite (Signals Notebook, Signals VitroVivo and Signals Inventa) and TIBCO® Spotfire® enabling investigators in Life Sciences to capture and analyze their data from research and development, through biomarker discovery & patient stratifications and ultimately live tracking of their clinical trials.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how laboratory automation can connect multiple endpoints, even legacy devices, to increase accuracy, reduce errors and establish faster rollout times
  • Learn how to overcome longstanding obstacles in the lab to establish end-to-end connectivity of all instruments, applications, and web services in a cost-effective way
  • Integrate user data, instrument data, and knowledge data, no matter where it’s captured

Who Should Attend:

  • CEOs, CTOs and other pharma executives
  • Laboratory administrators and technical staff
  • Personnel from pharma companies, contract manufacturing organizations and contract research organizations


Dave Levy
Head of Strategy, Partner Management

Mr. Levy has over 30 years of Product Management and Global Account Experience at leading technology companies includingWaters Corp.,NuGenesis Technologies,CambridgeSoft Inc. andPerkinElmer Inc. He has an MS in Geology from the University of South Carolina and a BS from University of Louisville. Dave is currently Head of Strategy and Partner Management.

David Gosalvez
Executive Director, Science & Technology

With two decades of experience in scientific software, David Gosalvez brings a rare combination of technical and domain expertise with broad knowledge across scientific use cases. He is a passionate advocate for improving the efficiency and quality of science via innovative software solutions. David works with scientists and IT across pharma and chemical industry to set the direction of the PerkinElmer Informatics portfolio. He also works with other scientific software vendors to integrate complimentary capabilities into our solutions. As Director of Cheminformatics, he was responsible for the sustained growth of ChemDraw and Spotfire Lead Discovery. Previously, David headed the interdisciplinary Science & Technology team chartered with creating the novel data management technologies that currently underpin PerkinElmer’s Signals platform. David also served as Executive Director of Application Development at CambridgeSoft where he brought to market the Oracle Chemistry Cartridge and ChemBioOffice Enterprise Suite.

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