High-Throughput, High-Shear Mixer

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, October 2021 Issue, Volume 45, Issue 10

The ROSS Inline Ultra High Shear Mixer 700 Series is designed to meet challenging shear requirements. The washdown-duty Model HSM-706Q-40 (right) features a 40-horsepower motor with a 6-in. QuadSlot rotor that runs at tip speeds over 11,000 fpm.

The 700 series provides an alternative to colloid mills, which generally have lower throughput. Depending on the application, it can replace high-pressure homogenization or serve as a pre-mixer to high-pressure homogenizers to mitigate clogging and inconsistent feed quality issues.

The QuadSlot rotor/stator was developed for demanding applications where conventional rotor/stator mixers fall short but do not require the intensity of other ROSS 700 Series ultra-high shear models. The QuadSlot balances shear and flow capacity in inline processing by exposing product to four successive stages of increasing shear.

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