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Pharmaceutical Technology Europe

Pharmaceutical Technology Europe, Pharmaceutical Technology Europe-09-01-2011, Volume 23, Issue 9

Summer can often feel like a quiet month for the pharma industry in Europe.

Summer can often feel like a quiet month for the pharma industry in Europe. With holidays taken by so many staff, business can be quiet and out-of-office notifications abound. But in autumn, the beast awakens from its slumber.

Rich Whitworth

And it does so with a number of important events, of which CPhI is one of the biggest. Come October 25, almost 30000 people from over 140 countries will come together to network, discuss the latest industry trends and hopefully forge new partnerships.


In current economic times, such shows can seem a financial burden, but the opportunity to meet people face-to-face, for me, is becoming less frequent, and to have such large numbers from the industry all under one roof is a compelling enough reason to attend. But we are also at a time of great change, with a large number of increasingly hot topics: rise of generics, emerging markets, biosimilars and biobetters, supply chain security... the list goes on. Being able to talk with others in the industry not only gives us insight into where we are now, but also, more importantly, where we might be heading.

This year, the majority of the PTE team will be attending the show in Frankfurt at booth: 51F53. You are more than welcome to visit us to let us know what's happening in your corner of the market, or to tell us about something exciting you've seen. We will be active online, providing daily show blogs and feeding important news through our twitter account. If you're not already a follower, and especially if you're not able to attend the show but want to be kept up-to-date, then head to PharmTech.com/twitter to join us. All of our activities will also be highlighted on a special CPhI page at PharmTech.com/CPhI.

As always, you're free to contact me directly, by email, but hopefully we may have a chance to meet in person soon.

Best wishes,

Rich Whitworth