Improved Enclosure for Bottle Rinsing Machines

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Fogg Filler’s enclosures for bottle-rinsing machines have improved fume containment and doors with lift-off hinges for maintenance.

Fogg Filler Company, which designs and manufactures rotary filling systems for liquids industries, improved its enclosure features to offer more durable enclosures that are safer and more manageable. Fogg’s newest enclosure features now come standard on all bottle rinsing machines.  Stainless steel door frames support all hardware and hinges, eliminating thermal expansion, and allowing tighter tolerances and better fume containment.  This new door style enables chemical fumes from the rinsing machine to be better contained inside the enclosure and then evacuated outside the building through an exhaust system, or chemical scrubber. Enclosure doors are completely removable with “lift-off” hinges for easier maintenance and changeovers.  Enclosure doors have safety switches. The company offers logo etching on enclosure doors. 

Source: Fogg Filler Company