Increased Viral Clearance in Downstream Process Manufacturing Efficiency of Monoclonal Antibodies Through Use of Novel Purification Resin and Additives

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Tuesday, November 8, 2022 at 11 am EDT | 10am CDT | 8am PDTThis webinar will provide a detailed look at successful procedures for developing effective viral clearance and purification strategies to improve mAbs downstream process efficiency through enhanced engineering of a novel Protein A resin, combined with selective additives in key process steps. The webinar will include details on new techniques and recommendations for optimizing process steps, to help reduce costs and process time and increase downstream yield.

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Event Overview:
With multiple, complex chromatographic purification, buffer exchange, and viral inactivation steps, downstream processing of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) remains the major bottleneck in biopharmaceutical production. This webinar will discuss critical evaluation and selection considerations for proper materials and reagents during process development and how these considerations are crucial in developing and optimizing a robust purification process. The webinar will also examine how a novel affinity chromatography resin, combined with selective additives, offers enhanced purification and improved removal of impurities, such as host cell proteins, DNA, and viruses, providing a model for the kinds of steps that can be taken to lead to improvements in overall mAbs manufacturing process efficiencies.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Provide insights into key aspects of efficient viral inactivation and purification in the context of an overall virus safety assessment and control strategy purification
  • Review how proteins-based affinity ligands can be better engineered and provide increased purification of FC-fusion proteins
  • Show how the combination of a novel Protein A affinity chromatography resin with select additives further enhances impurity removal.

Who Should Attend:

Biopharma production professionals —downstream process engineer, downstream scientist, manager downstream process development, production and operations manager, research scientist


Tuhidul Islam
Senior Manager, Bioprocess Applications
Avantor, Inc.

Tuhidul Islam joined Avantor in September 2021 and is Senior Manager, Bioprocess Application, at Avantor Technology & Innovation (T&I). He is focused on applications of new products and processes to overcome challenges in biologics manufacturing for multiple therapeutic areas. Prior to joining Avantor, Tuhidul worked as a process development manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific, designing and developing downstream processes for different biologics drug modalities, scale-up, and technology transfer to CGMP. He also worked at AGC Biologics for late-stage process development. Tuhidul holds a PhD in Biochemical Engineering from Jacobs University, Germany, with a particular focus on protein purification method development, and spent several years as a postdoctoral researcher at BTEC, NC State University, United States. These experiences afforded him opportunities to learn various aspects of process development and manufacturing sciences of monoclonal antibodies, fusion proteins, adeno-associated virus, and lentivirus.

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