Intelligent Stand for Pipette Management

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-03-02-2017, Volume 41, Issue 3
Pages: 14

The Rainin SmartStand from Mettler Toledo includes four pipette holders.

The Rainin SmartStand from Mettler Toledo includes four pipette holders. The stand includes an LCD screen that displays its status in a clear visual language: green is good, yellow indicates that service is required soon, and red signals that the pipette is beyond its service or calibration date. A more detailed view of the pipette’s service and asset record can be viewed when the pipette is removed from the stand. Each Rainin SmartStand holds up to four manual or electronic Rainin XLS pipettes and automatically charges electronic pipettes when they are placed on the stand.

The included EasyDirect Pipette Asset Management software is a flexible, scalable Windows-based pipette asset management tool that can connect to multiple SmartStands simultaneously via Bluetooth. When a pipette is serviced or calibrated, users place the pipettes on a SmartStand to transfer new service data from their radio-frequency identification chips into EasyDirect. EasyDirect maintains a profile with 11 customizable fields for each pipette, so lab managers can assign unique information, such as the user and lab, applications and ID/inventory number, to a pipette and record it to its RFID chip. EasyDirect can also help users find pipettes by identifying which SmartStand they’re hanging on. EasyDirect graphically indicates which pipettes are due for service, making them instantly recognizable. By capturing usage data through the SmartStand, EasyDirect helps lab managers reduce asset costs and eliminate pipettes that are no longer in use.

Mettler Toledo